Mallory hoffman

I am a graphic designer by day and illustrator by night — and day, when life allows. I love Art Nouveau and Art Deco, and I love the marriage of these + my nerdy interests even more! Besides art, my callings include writing, worldbuilding, gaming (of the tabletop and video variety), cooking, and traveling. 

My art is influenced by a variety of lifelong interests, and I enjoy experimenting with new styles and techniques as I discover them. Almost all of my work is done digitally.



JP Burwell

I'm an illustrator who works in both traditional and digital media. I've had a fascination with art all of my life and in addition to self guided study, I was fortunate enough to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. I enjoy drawing from life and learning from observation. I'm also heavily influenced by popular culture and love to attend local conventions to share my art with like-minded individuals. My art provides me with a joy and clarity that I wish to spread to others through my work.



Michole Miller

A UNCG Business School alumni, I work day-to-day in print and marketing. Very obsessed with plants and podcasts and typically can be found in bed eating pop-tarts and playing Fire Emblem. 

My art is heavily influenced by modern american cartoons, and often features bright colors and silly faces. My traditional media of choice is watercolor! Let's talk cartoons/comics/podcasts, just @ me!