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I love warm tones and have a passionate relationship with the colors mint & purple. I like to focus on the soft, simple nature of a subject and find ways to evoke a reaction without overworking my style. Basically, I'm minimalistic at heart, but chaotic in nature.

Like many, I want to take the next step and continue to improve and bring myself to a more professional illustration level.

Once, JP and I had an impromptu color theory lesson with Brian Stelfreeze. It changed my perspective on how I create and made me look at a lot of my own weaknesses. Since then I have tried to push myself out of my comfort zone more and more. There are a lot of great creators who have influenced me in the past few years and I wouldn't be here today without them! And a personal shout-out to Brian "Smitty" Smith for kicking our butts into gear!

Photo: Taken by Scott (@bandogphoto) HeroesCon 2017. Check out his amazing photos on Instagram!